Matthew Kenney Academy

Matthew Kenney Academy

I was very fortunate to attend the Matthew Kenney Academy in Oklahoma City, USA in Aug/Sept 2012, what an incredible experience. State of the art facility, professionally trained staff from all over the US teaching us a wealth of information, the Matthew Kenney Restaurant OKC was beautiful and the food was exceptional. I have been blessed to be able to learn at the nation’s first and only classically structured Raw and Living Foods educational center in the world.

I was blown away on our first day to find out that there were 9 students in my class, from 9 different countries around the world isn’t that amazing! It just proves that Matthew and his team are making a huge impact and that the Raw and Living Food Movement is spreading fast, faster than we really think and know about. It was interesting talking to each student and hearing about their experience of Raw Food in their home country.

The thing I liked most about the education was that we covered all angles of preparing Gourmet Raw and Living Foods from: preparing nut milk’s, sweet maple pancakes, zucchini sweet corn pesto, smoked shiitake dragon rolls, kimchi, soft corn tacos, chamomile lemon tart, chocolate truffles, advanced cheese’s, garden gnocchi, the list goes on and on. To learning how to use advanced equipment and techniques, smoking gun, anti-griddle, paco jet, sous-vide, turning slicer. I honestly walked away each day, blown away by what we created with Raw Living Food.

One of the hardest things about finishing at the Matthew Kenney Academy was leaving the beautiful friendships that I made. It was so refreshing to spend quality time with people who are on the same journey and similar path to you. This was a very special and an important part of the Academy because now we can all join forces and make a real impact around the world, as Matthew and his team would say, ‘crafting the future of food’.

The Matthew Kenney team has also got academy’s in Santa Monica Academy California and an Online Academy. If you live or are traveling in the United States you must visit one of their restaurants, Santa Monica, Chicago they are growing at a fast pace which is exciting for them and the world I say. Matthew has also published 10 books with more on the way!

This experience has changed my life in many ways, my respect for quality ingredients has been enriched, my love for nature and the planet has been enforced, and my true passion for traveling the world experiencing gourmet food has only just began.

I can’t express to you all how excited I am about sharing my knowledge and experience about Raw and Living Foods.

I am working very hard at the moment creating a lot of exciting things to share with you all, so stay tuned. I work with clients one on one guiding them to their inner voice and full potential. I have published a Raw eBook ‘Revolutionary Raw Recipes.’ Lots of other exciting things on the vision board that I hope to share with you sometime soon.


  1. yah! Love your work babe xx & of course Matthew Kenney and his Academy.. so blessed I also got to study there and meet you all ! xx #Gratitude!

  2. Hi did you obtain a certificate from taking this course? And how long was it for? I’m planning on doing the 4 week course in miami this year 🙂

    • Hi Kay, I completed Level 1 and 2 at the Matthew Kenney Academy in OKC in 2012, this was for a two month period. It was an incredible experience. I learnt so much, from the basics to top level education of raw cuisine. State of the art facility and professionally trained staff. On completion I was a certified raw food chef. Brittany Williams works for Matthew will definitely be able to help you, her email address is I believe Matthew is definitely the best in the world at this time and everything he does, he does it first class. I hope this information helps and if I can answer any other questions please let me know. Much love Rach x

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