Success Stories

Rachael spoke beautifully at the RMIT Real Fit Food event, you could see she made a connection with the audience on a deeper level as she took us through a silent meditation and allowed us to calm our minds, to really listen to our intuition. Considering I lead a pretty busy life, always on the go, I often take the silent moments for granted, so her message resonated with me deeply. What I loved most about Rachael was her honesty (what I also consider to be bravery) to open up to a room of strangers about her personal experiences and life journey and use that to really connect with others and provoke thought, emotion and motivation. Rachael is a very grounded, enthused being and I feel inspired by her determination and drive which she is using in such a beautiful and positive way.

Emma Wassel
RMIT Speaking Engagement

I found Rachael to be very inspiring, she engaged with the audience on a deep level by running through a brief meditation which actually left me feeling less stressed and rejuvenated. Rachael’s openness and warm connection with the crowd by sharing her personal and motivational experiences, made me want to listen and be guided by my inner spirit and not just act impulsively, which I now realise I do. Rachael, thank you for guiding me to open my self awareness, I would love to hear you speak again.

Kate Wassel
RMIT Speaking Engagement

I am trying to eat more healthy foods and exercise on a regular basis. However, until I attended Rachael Campbell’s workshop, I was not at all motivated. Rachael impressed me with her honesty and told us how she became the motivator that she now is, following many setbacks and heartbreaking experiences. She has turned her life around and is now assisting others in doing the same. Prior to the workshop, I would not have considered using raw foods for recipes. The recipes that Rachael made for us were surprisingly (to me) very tasty which proves to me that healthy can be tasty. I also learned to listen to my inner voice (intuition) which I had never known how to do before. Rachael showed me how to do this and I now practice it several times a day. The workshop was very engaging and interesting. Following the workshop I now feel able to listen to my bodies needs and totally excited about trying the recipes in Rachael’s eBook.

Susan Haigh
City Of Yarra Council – Speaking Engagement

I entered this workshop quite jaded and cynical, but within minutes I felt a heaviness lifting, as Rachael began to tell her life story. Her honesty was refreshing, her enthusiasm abundant and her conversation clear, articulate and embracing. This was someone that anybody could relate too, from the lows to the sometimes induced highs. I would recommend attending a session with Rachael to anyone wanting to reaffirm their potential, goals or beliefs that may seem to be drifting further and further away.

Mark Gebbie
City Of Yarra Council – Speaking Engagement

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