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Eureka Mignon Specialita: An Italian Espresso Grinder Review




the essence of Italian craftsmanship and precision with an image showcasing the sleek, stainless steel design of the Eureka Mignon Specialita espresso grinder, its precision grinding burrs, and the aromatic coffee grounds gently cascading into a portafilter

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The Eureka Mignon Specialita is an extraordinary Italian espresso grinder that exemplifies excellence in the world of coffee brewing. With its impeccable design, advanced features, and unparalleled grind quality, it is a true masterpiece in the realm of espresso grinders.

Handcrafted with precision in the renowned Eureka factory in Florence, Italy, the Specialita is a testament to Italian craftsmanship and attention to detail. Boasting 55 mm flat steel burrs, a programmable touch screen, and a compact yet durable construction, this grinder sets a new standard for consistency and performance. Its ability to deliver a flawless grind, even for the finest espresso, is simply unmatched.

Furthermore, its versatility extends beyond espresso, making it a versatile choice for those who appreciate the art of coffee brewing.

In this article, we will delve into the features, design, and performance of the Eureka Mignon Specialita, explore comparable options, and determine whether it is truly worth the investment.

Key Takeaways

  • The Eureka Mignon Specialita is a high-quality Italian-made espresso grinder with 55 mm flat steel burrs.
  • It features a programmable touch screen for timed dosing and hands-free grinding, making it easy to use.
  • The grinder has a compact and durable design, with a unique square bean hopper and a variety of color options.
  • It is known for its consistency and is suitable for both fine espresso and drip coffee grinding.

What it offers

The Eureka Mignon Specialita offers a range of features and benefits that make it a desirable choice for those seeking a high-quality espresso grinder.

With its 55 mm flat steel burrs, it provides consistent and precise grinding, producing excellent flavor in every cup of espresso.

The programmable touch screen allows for easy and convenient operation, with timed dosing and hands-free grinding.

The grinder’s compact and durable design, along with its unique square bean hopper, adds a touch of elegance to any kitchen countertop.

Customer reviews praise the Specialita for its exceptional consistency, even for very fine espresso.

However, some potential drawbacks include the plastic bean hopper and hopper stopper, which may be points of failure.

Overall, the Eureka Mignon Specialita is a highly regarded espresso grinder with a plethora of positive features.

Design and Features

With its compact and aesthetically pleasing design, the Eureka Mignon Specialita offers a range of features that enhance its functionality as an espresso grinder.

One standout feature is its unique square bean hopper design, which not only adds to its visual appeal but also provides a practical benefit by efficiently dispensing beans into the grinder.

Additionally, the programmable touch screen allows for hands-free grinding, making it easy to achieve consistent and precise dosing. This feature is particularly useful for those who value convenience and efficiency in their espresso brewing process.

Overall, the design and features of the Eureka Mignon Specialita contribute to its reputation as a high-quality espresso grinder that combines style and functionality.

Grind Quality and Performance

Achieving a consistent and precise grind size is a crucial factor in determining the quality and performance of an espresso grinder. The Eureka Mignon Specialita excels in this aspect with its 55 mm flat steel burrs.

Here are some advantages and features that contribute to its grind quality and performance:

  • Burr Set Advantages:

  • The flat burr set of the Specialita ensures a consistent grind size, resulting in better extraction and flavor in the espresso.

  • Flat burrs are known for their clarity and the ability to highlight the nuances of different coffee beans.

  • The 55 mm size allows for faster grinding, reducing heat buildup and preserving the coffee’s aroma and taste.

  • Single Dosing Options:

  • The Specialita has low grind retention, making it suitable for single dosing, where coffee beans are ground on-demand.

  • Aftermarket modifications are available to enhance the single dosing capabilities of the grinder, providing more control and precision.

Overall, the Eureka Mignon Specialita’s burr set advantages and single dosing options contribute to its exceptional grind quality and performance, making it a top choice for coffee enthusiasts seeking a consistent and precise espresso grind.

Comparable Options

Comparable options to consider include the Mahlkonig X54, Turn DF64, and Baratza Vario espresso grinders.

When comparing the Mahlkonig X54 to the Eureka Mignon Specialita, both grinders offer high-quality performance and consistency. The X54 features 54 mm flat burrs and offers stepless grind adjustment, similar to the Specialita. However, the Mahlkonig X54 is known for its faster grinding speed and larger hopper capacity. On the other hand, the Eureka Mignon Specialita is praised for its compact design and quiet operation.

When comparing the Eureka Mignon Specialita to the Baratza Vario, both grinders have their unique features. The Vario offers 54 mm ceramic burrs and a digital timer, while the Specialita has a larger burr size at 55 mm and a touch screen display. The Vario is known for its versatility, as it can grind for multiple brewing methods, including espresso and drip coffee. However, the Specialita is highly regarded for its durability and build quality.

Ultimately, the choice between the two will depend on individual preferences and brewing needs.

Is it worth it?

When evaluating the value of the Eureka Mignon Specialita, it is important to consider its performance, features, and price in relation to other espresso grinders on the market.

The Specialita has several pros that make it worth the investment. It is known for its consistent grind quality, even for very fine espresso, and its durable construction. The touch screen display is easy to use and attractive, and the grinder has a compact footprint and operates quietly. Additionally, it has a stepless grind adjustment and a powerful motor for fluffy and consistent grounds.

However, there are a few cons to consider. The plastic bean hopper and hopper stopper are potential points of failure, and the portafilter cradle may not work well with smaller portafilters.

Overall, considering its performance, features, and price, the Eureka Mignon Specialita is worth the investment for those serious about espresso brewing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the warranty for the Eureka Mignon Specialita grinder?

The warranty length for the Eureka Mignon Specialita grinder is an important consideration for potential buyers. However, it is worth noting that the specific warranty duration may vary depending on the retailer and country of purchase. Generally, the Eureka Mignon Specialita comes with a standard warranty period of one year, which covers any manufacturing defects or malfunctions.

It is essential for users to carefully read the terms and conditions of the warranty to ensure full understanding and compliance. Additionally, while the grinder is primarily designed for espresso, it is also compatible with other types of coffee, such as drip coffee.

Can the Eureka Mignon Specialita be used for grinding other types of coffee besides espresso?

The Eureka Mignon Specialita is primarily designed for grinding espresso, but it can also be used for pour-over coffee and other alternative brewing methods.

With its 55 mm flat steel burrs and stepless grind adjustment, it is capable of producing a consistent and precise grind size for different brewing techniques.

However, it’s important to note that the Specialita is optimized for espresso, so users may need to experiment with grind settings and extraction times to achieve the desired results for alternative brewing methods.

Are there any known issues or common problems with the Eureka Mignon Specialita grinder?

The Eureka Mignon Specialita grinder, with its impressive Italian craftsmanship, may seem like the epitome of perfection. However, even this seemingly flawless machine is not immune to a few known issues and common problems.

While it is renowned for its exceptional performance in grinding espresso, some users have reported difficulties when attempting to grind other types of coffee. Additionally, the built-in timer on the grinder has been known to malfunction in certain cases.

It is important to note that the grinder dimensions are 227mm (W) x 180mm (D) x 350mm (H), which may not suit all kitchen setups. Buyers should also consider the warranty length offered by the manufacturer to ensure peace of mind.

Does the Eureka Mignon Specialita grinder have a built-in timer for precise dosing?

The Eureka Mignon Specialita grinder does indeed have a built-in timer functionality that allows for precise dosing. This feature enables users to set a specific grind time, ensuring consistent and accurate dosing for their espresso. The timer can be easily programmed using the grinder’s touch screen display.

With this built-in timer functionality, users can achieve a high level of dosing precision, resulting in a more precise and controlled brewing process.

What are the dimensions of the Eureka Mignon Specialita grinder?

The Eureka Mignon Specialita grinder has compact dimensions, measuring 18.5 cm in width, 24 cm in depth, and 35 cm in height. These dimensions make it suitable for small kitchen spaces.

As for the warranty length, the Eureka Mignon Specialita grinder comes with a standard 1-year warranty. This provides customers with peace of mind and protection against potential manufacturing defects.


In conclusion, the Eureka Mignon Specialita is a stellar Italian espresso grinder that offers exceptional grind consistency and high-quality performance. Its compact and durable design, along with its programmable touch screen and square bean hopper, make it a standout option for serious espresso enthusiasts.

With its handcrafted construction and reputation for durability, this grinder is truly a work of art. Its ability to produce consistently fine espresso grounds, as well as its versatility for drip coffee, make it a valuable addition to any coffee lover’s arsenal.

Overall, the Eureka Mignon Specialita is a top-notch espresso grinder that is well worth the investment.

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