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Lorraine, a talented writer for, brings a unique blend of creativity and expertise to the platform. With her passion for writing and deep knowledge of raw food, she plays a crucial role in inspiring and educating readers about the joys and benefits of a raw food lifestyle. Lorraine’s creativity shines through in her recipe development. She enjoys experimenting with unique flavor combinations and innovative cooking techniques, pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with raw ingredients. Her recipes not only showcase the incredible taste and variety of raw food but also demonstrate that a raw food diet can be exciting, diverse, and satisfying. In addition to her writing contributions, Lorraine actively seeks out new trends, research, and developments in the field of raw food. She attends workshops, conferences, and culinary events, constantly expanding her knowledge and staying up to date with the latest discoveries. This commitment to continuous learning ensures that her writing remains current, reliable, and relevant to the ever-evolving landscape of raw food. Lorraine’s genuine enthusiasm for raw food is contagious, and she strives to connect with readers personally. She understands that embracing a raw food lifestyle can be a journey, and she uses her writing to provide guidance, support, and encouragement to individuals at all stages of their journeys. Her empathetic approach and storytelling make her a trusted and relatable voice in the raw food community.

Stories By Lorraine